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Bellus Productions LLC is a productions and representation company whose voice developed across a collection of musical, visual and performances mediums. Launched in 2014 by the Eyal Maoz, a renowned music composer and guitarist, Bellus Productions works across a hybrid of mediums to produce and represent the most innovative work in entertainment and other fields.

We have been proudly representing qualifies professionals, and have been an approved O-1 Visa sponsor (Artist Visa) and P Visa since 2014.

About Us:

Bellus Productions LLC. is a production and artist representation company, based in New York City. We bring excellence to artist development and productions. Our upcoming productions include Wild Type Trio, Abraxas, Hypercolor with Lukas Ligeti and James Ilgenfrtitz, and more.
We represent a diverse group of exceptional performers, musicians, film industry professionals, actors, models, dancers, designers, and artists, scientists or business personnel. We feature their creative works to customers in the USA.
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