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Bellus Productions LLC is a productions and representation company whose voice developed across a collection of musicians, artists, film professionals, visual artists, graphic designers,  technology professionals, actors, and performances mediums artists.

Launched in 2014 by the Eyal Maoz, Bellus Productions works across a hybrid of mediums to produce and represent the most innovative work in entertainment and other fields.


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About Us:

O1 VISA SPONSORSHIP - We represent a diverse group of qualified exceptional professionals performers, visual artists, photographers, film industry professionals, actors, technology professionals, graphic designers, models, dancers, and artists. We represent their creative works to customers in the USA. Please contact us for more details.

BELLUS PRODUCTIONS LLC. is a production and artist representation company, based in New York City. Working across a hybrid of media, we represent such innovative talents such as Dan Cade, Nahar Anin-Aminof, Eden Gamliel, Yonathan Peled, Matan Gottlieb, Seung Mee Kim, Sayoung Kim, Tal Zadok, and more.
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